Alice In Chains Unplugged Vinyl – Sounds So Good

This collection was my first introduction to Alice In Chains, and obviously, started a relationship. Truth be told, it’s my opinion this is the best Unplugged collection accessible, with Nirvana as a nearby second.

While much has been made of Kurt Cobain’s suicide not long after their set, a great many people overlook that Alice In Chains were away for more than two years, and this was their first appearance back together since 1993. A few months after this, Layne Staley’s ex-fiancee kicked the bucket, and he turned into a hermit that once in a while left his Seattle flat.

This left the original Alice In Chains lineup to never be gotten notification from again, except for two tracks recorded in 1998.

This is the Music On Vinyl reissue of that collection.

1. Nutshell
2. Brother
3. No Excuses
4. Sludge Factory

1. Down in a Hole
2. Angry Chair
3. Rooster

1. Got Me Wrong
2. Heaven Beside You
3. Would?

1. Frogs
2. Over Now
3. The Killer Is Me

Alice In Chains Unplugged Vinyl

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